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Reclaim your balance &

Reduce your stress

To help empower clients to manage their own wellness I blend my experiences. I am a biological and medical scientist, herbalist, holistic health consultant, botanical perfumer, forest therapy guide, educator, and aromatherapy student.

Education and Training

I believe that education empowers us and I am eager to share my knowledge to help empower you. Prior to starting The Perfume Fountain I taught, as adjunct faculty and an invited speaker, at several universities in the Greater Philadelphia area and led numerous health-related workshops in the UK and USA.

Consulting and Custom Events

I am currently expanding my aromatherapy studies.  As part of these I need to complete 30 case studies. Please contact me if you are interested in being a client while I am a "student in training".  Due to my study commitments I am offering only a limited number of public aromatic events.

Eclectic  Traditions

​I have been exposed to different approaches to wellness and aromatic botanicals in Australia, Africa, Peru, Mexico, India, Europe, and the US.




Holistic Health - Forest Therapy. Phytotherapy. Aromatherapy+

Wellness education for body, mind, and spirit.

Learn about our History

The Perfume Fountain started as a hobby with the planting of a healing, lavender garden which was the source of initial ingredients for herbal crafts.

Copywriting and Editing

I am a published author and over the last 20 years have written and edited health-related documents such as book reviews, clinical research articles, herbal monographs, and information for patients.

Writing samples are available upon request.